All you need is an email and payment amount.

All you need is an email and payment amount.

We automate 1099 tax compliance, payment elections and payment execution for you. There is no easier way to stay compliant, make payments and accommodate a diverging set of payment preferences.

Step 1

Ask for an email address.

It's as simple as that! This is where your recipient will receive their enrollment notification and payment confirmations.

Step 2

Tell us how much is owed.

Simply let us know how much your recipient is owed. We'll let them choose how they want their funds and execute their payments accordingly. We'll worry about the growing number of payment methods, so you don't have to.

Interchecks is pleased to offer two flexible and secure ways to send payments.

Online Portal
  • One-off by quick payment
  • Bulk payments by .csv upload
  • Drop-in UI Available
Step 3

Relax while your recipients onboard themselves.

First-time recipients will be prompted to create an account with their payment preferences and tax ID information if required.

If a recipient is already enrolled in Interchecks, then we'll skip this step. We simplify payments by eliminating wasteful repetition for you and them.

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